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It’s All About Mel Brooks!

Oh, we've been waiting for this one!  Mel Brooks is the architect of our style of humor and we could not wait to talk about him in long form.  We discuss so many aspects of this life and works and from time to time break out in song.  You just can't help it when talking about Mel's movies.  Join in with us as we dive into one of our greatest inspirations and have a ton of fun.  Let us know you favorites and please be kind and help us remain PG, LOL!!  Thank you for listening and as always, we love you all!

Wrap-up Episode No. 3 Thanksgiving Edition

Gobble, gobble you eclectic turkeys! It's wrap up time, thanksgiving style.  Join us as we discus our holiday favorites including food and entertainment.  We always have fun talking about food.  I'm getting hungry just typing this right now, LOL!!  Get in on the conversation and let us know your holiday favorites, even if it's for a different holiday.  Doesn't have to be turkey day, doesn't have to be an American holiday.  We have an amazing, eclectic audience and we want to learn about you.  You never know, you might wind up with a spot on one of our episode.  Thank you all for listening and as always, we love you all!!!!

Tired - Subsonic


They May Take Our Lives, But They’ll Never Take Our Podcast!!!

We are back!!!  It's time for a discussion about epic and biographical films, the characters in them and the actors and actresses who played them.  Follow along as we dive in to one of Matt's personal favorite genre combos.  We know that these are two different genres, but that doesn't stop Jim from highlighting ALL the grey area and Brian from dropping a controversial film choice. Listen and see if you agree with him and if so, give us a response on Facebook with #imwithbrianecp! This was a super fun show.  Once we get our premium video going you will all understand why, LOL.  Thank you all for listening and as always, we love you all!!



By Ender Güney

Wrap-up Episode No. 2

We continue with the second in a series of Wrap-up episodes where they are less formal and more random.  Anything and everything can be discussed as it's just things we feel we need to get out there and discuss based on things currently happening in the world of entertainment.  Thank you all for listenting and we love you all!!

Chicken Attack

Created by Portal A ( and the Gregory Brothers Starring the Gregory Brothers: Andrew Gregory, Evan Gregory, Michael Gregory, Sarah Gregory Featured Artist: Takeo Ischi

Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Kai Hasson, Evan Bregman, Zach Blume, and the Gregory Brothers

Written by: Jeremy Weiner, Lee Ellenberg Original Song by: The Gregory Brothers ft. Takeo Ischi

Yo Adrian, We Did It!!!!

It's time for a long form discussion on the Rocky movie series.  This series is very special to us and it's now crossing over in to a new generation with the introduction of the Creed movies.  Join us as we discuss out favorites and some general talk about boxing movies and the sport itself.  You are also treated to Jim's incredibly awful impersonation of Rocky in the intro skit.  It's pretty bad, LOL!!!  Listen in and have some fun with us, and as alway, we love you all!!!



By Ender Güney

BACK IN SUMMER by Nicolai Heidlas Music

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 

Wrap-up Episode No. 1

This is our first in a series of Wrap-up episodes where they are less formal and more random.  Anything and everything can be discussed as it's just things we feel we need to get out there and discuss based on things currently happening in the world of entertainment.  Thank you all for listenting and we love you all!!

Man, Myth, Master Of The Man Bun, Kevin Zion With Lucky P!

In this episode with sit down with a great wrestling talent, Kevin Zion and his esteemed manager (and wrestling enclyclopedia), Luck P.  Join us and the Legion Of Lucky as we dive in to their carreers and talk about all things wrestling.  This was a very exciting episode for us and look forward to having these two on again.  Message us on Facebook and let us know your favorite wreslting moments, either televised or local.  We love it all, and as always, we love you all!!!

No Retreat, No Surrender!

It’s time for a long form discussion on our favorite martial arts movies, TV shows, actors and martial artists.  Join in as we karate chop our way through this hilarious episode where Jim invents the art of Schawck FU, Matt forgets how to speak English again, and everyone joins in with lots of interesting sound effects.  We are joined by special guest Jarrell McDaniel who brings a fantastic perspective from a fan of the old school martial arts genre.  Join in on the conversation and tell us your favorites.  And as always, we love you all!!!

Lighten up, Fancis!

In this episode we laugh at all the humor from military comedies.  We discuss favorite movies, tvs shows and Tom Selleck's mustache!!  If you listen, you'll get the me.  We had such fun with this episode.  We hope you will join in with the converstaion on Facebook and tell us your favs. Thank you all for listening and we love you all!

Do you feel lucky, punk?!?

In this episode we discuss in longform the amazing acting and directing of Clint Eastwood.  His career has spun 6 decades and is still going.  Listen in as we talk about his influence and style.  Join in on the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you all for listening.  

Juke Box Hero!

It's finally time for us to strike up the band and play with another favorite entertainment medium of ours, music! Join us as we host special guest Chad Grant, AKA The Low End Warrior, a prominent musician in Nashville that once shared the stage with Jim in the Tragedy Kings.

I’m coming, Wilson!!!

It's our first landmark episode!!  What better way to do this than discussing what we'd do if stranded on a desert island.  Follow along as we talk about what music we would want, types of food and how we think we could wind up in this situation in the first place.  Lots of funny moments and another funny skit at the begining.  Join in the conversation on Facebook and tell us what you would want with you. 

Sound effects obtained from

Song Info: Title: Adventure Meme Artist: Kevin MacLeod Genre: Dance & Electronic Mood: Dramatic

Sharks, sharks and more sharks!

This one is all guessed it, SHARKS!! Or as Matt calls them, mutilation fish. In honor of Shark Week 2018, we dive in (see what I did there) and talk about all things teethy sea beasts. Plus there is a hilarious skit at the beginning you won't want to miss. Join the conversation and tell us what you like or don't like about sharks on our Facebook page. Listen in and have some fun.

These tracks is licensed under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License’. You can find the link to that license here:

Yippie Ki Yay MOFO!!!

Holster your remotes and pull the trigger on this episode! We talk about movie and TV cops from the 60's to today. What are your favortie cop heros? Favorite villains? Join in on the converstaion as we go in to all of our favorite police stories and throw in a little trivia for some fun. Thank you all for listening and please give us a rating!  


Cool Vibes - Film Noire by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



Fly ball………..caught.

Hello there wahoo maniacs!! It’s time for episode 7 titled “ fly ball........caught”. We talk all things sports including movies, real sports and sports concerns. There are even moments when we reminisce about the sports we played or dreamed about playing as kids. You can definitely pick out the jocks and dorks in this episode. Listen in and have some fun. Please give us a rating and as always, we love you and thank you for listening!

Are you not entertained?!

This week we reminisce on our access to entertainment over the last 30+ years and how not only has it evolved, but how we've evolved with it. We had so much fun talking about old TV shows, favorite video games, and childhood Saturdays.  

"Unholy Knight" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

I knew it was you, you broke my heart!

This week we dive in to the world of the Mafia and organized crime.  We discuss our favorite movies, characters and have some fun debating which elements are more terrifying. Along the way we discover new shows and movies we need to watch and rediscover ones we forgot about.  We also throw out a couple of useless information nuggets that are interesting.  Join in on the discussion by commenting on our Episode 5 Facebook post and leave us a review!  And as always, thank you for listening.  We appreciate you all!

Hello, Moneypenny!

In this episode we discuss and debate all things about James Bond movies.  Who is the best bond?  Best Bond Girl?  Best Villain?  Best diabolical plan the rule the world?  Join us on this adventure as we set out to prove everyone worng and ourselves right, lol.  Get in on the discussion on Facebook and tell us how you think we are crazy and argue your opinions as well.  As always, thank you all for listening.  

What Scares you?!

In this episode we talk about our personal experiences with all things scary.  Horror movies, tv shows, books and more.  We have a little fun with some trivia and crown a champion of all things scary, who gets to pick the topic for episode 5.  This topic will be announed in episode 4 ( all things James Bond) so be sure to listen to see what's coming.  Thank you all for listening.  Please like us and follw us on Facebook and Podbean to be sure you hear all our latest episodes.  

Wrestling To Us

How we got in to wrestling and what we loved or hated over the years.  What do we think of wreslting today and where it's going both on a global or local scale.  

Introduction To The Collective

This is our introductory episode giving you just a small sampling of the types of subjects we will dive into.  In this episode we discuss:Movies Avengers Infinity War and Ready Player One, books we are currenty reading, new music we are into, television shows we like and are looking forward to, and a brief touch on wresling, a subject matter we will discuss frequetly on this show.  We hope you enjoy.  

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