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The Hi’s and Low’s Of Steven Spielberg

September 26, 2020

Today we discuss one of our favorite directors of all time. Well, favorite movie maker as he's done it all.  From writing, producing, executive producing to directing, not many have reached the level of acclaim garnered by Spielberg.  In this episode we dive in to our favs as well as our flops of his but one things you can not deny, we all respect and appreciate his entire scope of work.  Even if a handful didn't live up to expectation.  Join in on the conversation and let us know you favs and flops of his. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using the handle @NerdlyEclectic and be sure to set the alerts for when we go live as we will be broadcasting a lot of live conversations. Thank you all for listening and as always, we love you all! Stay eclectic! 

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