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Video Games As A Sport…..Or Not! *Explicit*

July 4, 2020

***Explicit warning***  Well the seal has been broken, someone got a little heated during this conversation and threw out a few expletives!  So be warned, this is the first episode we've had to mark as explicit. Today we discuss the wave in popularity of video games being broadcast and viewed as sport. What are your opinions? Should it be considered sport? No? Let me tell you, we have people all over the spectrum on this one, one in particular against the notion and you will easily tell who real quick, LOL. Join the fun and conversation on social media. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook using the handle @NerdlyEclectic and be sure to set the alerts for when we go live as we will be broadcasting a lot of live conversations. Thank you all for listening and as always, we love you all! Stay eclectic! 


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