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ICC Convention 2019

September 25, 2019

OMG I can't even begin to tell you how much fun the Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention was!  There was so much going on and so much to see. Awesome actors from many popular films, incredible authors and illustrators from popular publications and holy grail collectible toys that were actually purchased during the convention.  This is only part one of our 3 day adventure.  This was all of our table interviews and we got to speak some of the best and most friendly people.  First and foremost a special shout out to Michael and Andrea Havens who are the visionaries who created the concept of this convention and to all of the staff and volunteers who did such an amazing job making this so enjoyable. Joining us for conversation on this episode were Nayr & Kavura of the StarPodLog & StarPodTrek Podcasts, Don with the Rebel Legion, Corellian Base ( a Star Wars based costuming fan club ), Steve & Clark of the Tennessee Ghostbusters, Susan D’Apolito of the Mandalorian Mercs ( a Star Wars based costuming fan club all about the Mandalorian ), Jared from Extra Life Gaming Charity, Illustrator Brian DeGuire, Power Duo Shawn (author) and Robert Lamb (illustrator), George Crenshaw of Jurassic 12 ( a fan group centered around the vehicles of Jurassic Park ), Kelly McClain of Hakes Auctions, Marc Ballard of Comic City Conventions and the Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors.  Please use the links below to check out all of these amazing people and their groups, follow what they do and show them some love!  Be watching out for part two which will be all of our spot interviews with the special guests of the convention. Thank you all for listening and we love you all! Stay eclectic everybody!

Michael and Andrea Havens

Nayr & Kavura of Star Pad Log Podcasts


StarPodLog & StarPodTrek

Don with the Rebel Legion TEN/KY

Steve & Clark of the Tennessee Ghostbusters

Tennessee ghostbusters

Susan D’Apolito of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club

Mandalorian Mercs

Jared of Extra Life Gaming Charity


Illustrator Brian DeGuire

Brian Deguire Art

Power Duo Shawn and Robert Lamb


George Crenshaw of Jurassic 12

Jurassic 12 of Middle Tennessee

Kelly McClain of Hakes Auctions


Marc Ballard Comic City Conventions

Nashville Comic Day

Georgia Alliance of Star Wars Collectors