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The WannaBeatles

August 26, 2019

This week we sit down with one of the best bands we've ever seen or heard, the WannaBeatles!!!  Being such fans of Beatles music, we can't help but really dig what these guys are doing. Their musicianship is next level incredible and their harmonies are off the charts.  They are even Grammy Award finalists!!  If you've never heard this band you owe it to yourselves to see them as soon as possible.  We get a real treat at the end where they play a short set for us and it is incredible.  Just don't be quick to judge based on our sound, being a podcast we are not necessarily equipped to record full bands.  Please take our word for it, they are amazing and if you are a fan of Beatle music, what are you waiting for.  Check out their website at the bottom and see when and where they will be performing next. Thank you all for listening and we love you all! Stay eclectic everybody!