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Live @ Columbia Comic Book & Toy Expo

June 10, 2019

In our tour of conventions starting this year, this week we are live @ the Columbia Comic Book & Toy Expo @ the National Guard Armory in Columbia, TN.  This was such a fun show! So thankful to David Potts for having us out.  We got to talk to so many fantastic artists and authors whose work is absolutely amazing.  We have links below to all of our guests.  Please check them out and support their work.  Comics, books, cosplay and conventions were among the many topics we discuss.  Join in on the conversation and let us know who you checked out and what your favorite works are.  Thank you all for listening and as always, we love you all!

Please support and follow our partners and guests:

Columbia Comic Book & Toy Expo (Watch for more events coming)

Artist Adam Buttrey

Artist & Author Amanda Rachels

Artist Vance Capley

Creator and Writer David Goode

Artist Ricky Blalock

Author L.D. Valencia - The Gifted Complex

Cosplayers Daniel Powers & Shadow King

Mandy Anders Writer & illustrator of The Book of Nosferatu