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Episode 12 - Do you feel lucky, punk?!?

In this episode we discuss in longform the amazing acting and directing of Clint Eastwood.  His career has spun 6 decades and is still going.  Listen in as we talk about his influence and style.  Join in on the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you all for listening.  

Episode 11 - Juke Box Hero!

It's finally time for us to strike up the band and play with another favorite entertainment medium of ours, music! Join us as we host special guest Chad Grant, AKA The Low End Warrior, a prominent musician in Nashville that once shared the stage with Jim in the Tragedy Kings.

Episode 10 - I’m coming, Wilson!!!

It's our first landmark episode!!  What better way to do this than discussing what we'd do if stranded on a deserted island.  Follow along as we talk about what music we would want, types of food and how we think we could wind up in this situation in the first place.  Lots of funny moments and another funny skit at the begining.  Join in the conversation on Facebook and tell us what you would want with you. 

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Song Info: Title: Adventure Meme Artist: Kevin MacLeod Genre: Dance & Electronic Mood: Dramatic