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Episode 9 - Sharks, sharks and more sharks!

This one is all guessed it, SHARKS!! Or as Matt calls them, mutilation fish. In honor of shark week, we dive in (see what I did there) and talk about all things teethy sea beasts. Plus there is a hilarious skit at the beginning you won't want to miss. Join the conversation and tell us what you like or don't like about sharks on our Facebook page. Listen in and have some fun.

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Episode 8 - Yippie Ki Yay MOFO!!!

Holster your remotes and pull the trigger on this episode! We talk about movie and TV cops from the 60's to today. What are your favortie cop heros? Favorite villains? Join in on the converstaion as we go in to all of our favorite police stories and throw in a little trivia for some fun. Thank you all for listening and please give us a rating!  


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Episode 7 - Fly ball………..caught.

Hello there wahoo maniacs!! It’s time for episode 7 titled “ fly ball........caught”. We talk all things sports including movies, real sports and sports concerns. There are even moments when we reminisce about the sports we played or dreamed about playing as kids. You can definitely pick out the jocks and dorks in this episode. Listen in and have some fun. Please give us a rating and as always, we love you and thank you for listening!

Episode 6 - Are you not entertained?!

This week we reminisce on our access to entertainment over the last 30+ years and how not only has it evolved, but how we've evolved with it. We had so much fun talking about old TV shows, favorite video games, and childhood Saturdays.  

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