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Episode 5 - I knew it was you, you broke my heart!

This week we dive in to the world of the Mafia and organized crime.  We discuss our favorite movies, characters and have some fun debating which elements are more terrifying. Along the way we discover new shows and movies we need to watch and rediscover ones we forgot about.  We also throw out a couple of useless information nuggets that are interesting.  Join in on the discussion by commenting on our Episode 5 Facebook post and leave us a review!  And as always, thank you for listening.  We appreciate you all!

Episode 4 - Hello, Moneypenny!

In this episode we discuss and debate all things about James Bond movies.  Who is the best bond?  Best Bond Girl?  Best Villain?  Best diabolical plan the rule the world?  Join us on this adventure as we set out to prove everyone worng and ourselves right, lol.  Get in on the discussion on Facebook and tell us how you think we are crazy and argue your opinions as well.  As always, thank you all for listening.  

Episode 3 - What Scares you?!

In this episode we talk about our personal experiences with all things scary.  Horror movies, tv shows, books and more.  We have a little fun with some trivia and crown a champion of all things scary, who gets to pick the topic for episode 5.  This topic will be announed in episode 4 ( all things James Bond) so be sure to listen to see what's coming.  Thank you all for listening.  Please like us and follw us on Facebook and Podbean to be sure you hear all our latest episodes.  

Episode 2 - Wrestling To Us

How we got in to wrestling and what we loved or hated over the years.  What do we think of wreslting today and where it's going both on a global or local scale.  

Episode 1 - Introduction To The Collective

This is our introductory episode giving you just a small sampling of the types of subjects we will dive into.  In this episode we discuss:Movies Avengers Infinity War and Ready Player One, books we are currenty reading, new music we are into, television shows we like and are looking forward to, and a brief touch on wresling, a subject matter we will discuss frequetly on this show.  We hope you enjoy.